Show with Riner Scivally (Watch it live on the internet!)

funcionlenguaje_rinerThe members of Función Lenguaje (Lavapiés, Madrid) love reading, writing and talking about culture and literature. However, from time to time they sit down around their grand piano in order to absorb nothing but sounds.

This time they gave us the opportunity of using their space for a meet-up with our special guest and loved friend Riner Scivally. The californian guitarist has crossed the Atlantic Ocean again in order to inspire us with his musical ideas and to mix them with ours. It would be cool to share this moment with you.

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The IPT songbook

[IPT songbook cover]
 There are folks who can’t see why one or two sheets of music scores are enough for us to perform nearly ten minutes of music. You might also be a hard-core music lover with a very specific question. In any case, we always appreciate any interest in our music.

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IPT back at María La Lía, Thursday April 18

Official FlyerIt seems the guys at María La Lía think we can do better, so they called us up again. We’ll be back this Thursday, trying to turn their bar/restaurant’s beautiful basement into a real jazz cellar. Free and gratis entrance/admission! Continue reading